VIP creator Arya Iyer (R Madhavan) and money administrator Shruti Sharma Iyer (Surveen Chawla) are a couple floating separated. Following quite a long while of marriage, they are hoping to separate from one another and furthermore keep on residing in a similar house to co-parent their school-going girl Rohini (Arista Mehta). Also to make a conventional declaration of their partition, they even choose to have a Decoupling Get-together/Ceremony in Goa.The show’s essayist maker Manu Joseph (‘Serious Men’) and chief Hardik Mehta (‘Kaamyaab’, ‘Roohi’) don’t mess with going into the history of how Arya and Shruti meet, experience passionate feelings for and get hitched, just to float separated years after the fact. They start the story with the couple having one more spat in their vehicle while en route to drop him at the air terminal, establishing the vibe for the eight episodes, each with a title dependent on the principle thought of the episode. Before long, we realize that Arya is certifiably not a normal relaxed person, yet one who will undoubtedly cause problems for his blunt talk. Furthermore Shruti not just despises this propensity for his expressing his genuine thoughts and causing problems each and every time, but on the other hand is humiliated by it. On uncommon events, she even gets back, and the outcomes see him humiliated out in the open.

Manu and Hardik adequately draw out the legislative issues of marriage in this dramatization with a nice portion of parody too. Additionally, they likewise show a mirror to how a few people frequently act with one another in a marriage, mores when a couple is isolating. Furthermore that is likewise what makes the show appealing to normal crowds.

The show additionally offers a telling remark because of online media today, when a brief video can be utilized to take off on somebody in the virtual world without even batting an eye and be made to circulate around the web in a matter of moments, without really focusing on the outcomes. Simultaneously, it additionally addresses some news-production themes inconspicuously. Scenes like Arya unsettling security staff at the air terminal with his superfluous inquiries and comments, and thusly being marked ‘hostile to public’ by different flyers, are abundant proof.

The movie additionally attacks financial analysts by showing one rather than direct money moves by Government into the records of poor people, while calling NREGA as his thought and Aadhaar as “absolute observation”. The show additionally addresses the tremendous distinction between the rambling homes in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida when contrasted with the more modest houses in Mumbai.