Dhanbad Judge killing: Police ‘feeding questions’ to get ‘specific answer’, says Jharkhand HC

Dhanbad Judge killing: Police ‘feeding questions’ to get ‘specific answer’, says Jharkhand HC

Expressing that Jharkhand Police was “taking care of inquiries” to get “a specific answer”, which is “not valued”, the Jharkhand High Court Tuesday descended intensely in the Special Investigation Team (SIT) examining the supposed homicide of Dhanbad judge Uttam Anand.

Hearing the case suo motu, the court noticed that the post-mortem report says the passing was “brought about by hard and obtuse substance because of head injury”, and inquired as to why police were inquiring as to whether such wounds were conceivable because of a fall.

“We have scrutinized the poll outlined by the Investigating Officer to be specific Mr Vinay Kumar… to Dr Kumar Shubhendu, Assistant Professor… SNMMC, Dhanbad: ‘If it’s not too much trouble, clarify whether the wounds in the head are conceivable by fall on street surface or not?’… When the Investigating Agency is researching the event to discover the explanation of death, then, at that point how and under what conditions such inquiry is being posed by the Investigating Officer from the concerned specialist, that too when the CCTV film explains the whole scene of event?” the Bench of Chief Justice Ravi Ranjan and Justice Sujit Narayan said.

“(The) after death report obviously reveals that the deadly injury has been brought about by a hard and obtuse substance. From that point, it is for the Investigating Agency to discover the weapon of wrongdoing. Taking care of a specific inquiry to the specialist to find a specific solution isn’t at all appreciated.” The court said it didn’t get any acceptable answers from police.ASJ Uttam Anand, 50, had been wrecked while out on his morning stroll by an auto-cart that veered strongly towards him on an unfilled street, as CCTV film showed. The posthumous report referenced “diffuse injury” in the head just as crack and blood clumps in the insurance layer of the mind. The police have captured two people and seized the autorickshaw, which was discovered to be taken.