Kumkum Bhagya: Prachi to tell Ranbir about her pregnancy

Kumkum Bhagya: Prachi to tell Ranbir about her pregnancy

Prachi petitioning Mata Rani in the medical clinic’s sanctuary and imploring her to save Ranbir’s life. She tells that Ranbir is enduring a result of her and she wants him to be well. She communicates that Ranbir is her life and satisfaction. Sahana watches Prachi crying and embraces her. Sahana tells her that she ought not be grieving as Ranbir is with Rhea. Prachi slaps her for her comments on Ranbir. Pallavi tells that Ranbir left her as a result of Prachi and gotten away from family. Each time Ranbir moves away on account of Prachi.

The specialist illuminates everybody that the activity is as yet going on. Prachi attacks Pallavi for discussing Ranbir. She tells her that Ranbir will continuously remain her significant other first. She further adds that Ranbir is her life and the main thing she has at any point petitioned God for. Sahana requests that Prachi admit her sentiments however the last option denies it. Prachi grieves that Ranbir put his life in extreme danger for her mangalsutra. Sahana requests that Prachi uncover her pregnancy to Ranbir. Prachi is reluctant yet Sahana energizes her. Prachi hurries to come clean with him.

Aaliya has a word with the hooligans. She lets them know that Ranbir is in this condition as a result of them. In the mean time, Pallavi comes and Aaliya concocts a story that these individuals are old drivers. Aaliya requests that the hooligans leave the city. Prachi notices Ranbir from the emergency clinic’s window and apologizes to Ranbir. She thinks back every one of the blissful minutes enjoyed with him and cries. She inquires as to whether she can converse with Ranbir. The specialist denies and lets Prachi know that the following six hours are basic. In the event that Ranbir doesn’t acquire awareness before that then he could pass on. Prachi gets stunned hearing this and runs from that point.

The episode has been watched on the channel’s OTT stage.