Neha Kakkar gets a marvellous GIFT by the dazzling actress Rekha on Indian Idol 12 set

The singing unscripted TV drama India Symbol 12 has gone under the spotlight consistently on account of various entertainers and specialists visit its sets frequently. In the forthcoming scene, the crowd will be engaged by the presence of the great entertainer Rekha. The amazing entertainer will be seen getting a charge out of the show as there will be various exhibitions of the show candidates. The evergreen magnificence Rekha will be the principle fascination of the show as she will draw in with the members just as the adjudicators of the show. In the show, Rekha will be seen folding a saree over Neha Kakkar and she will be seen reddening at this.

In the scene, Rekha is seen wearing a sublime brilliant pink saree which makes each young lady enlivened by her looks and her getup. Indeed, even Neha Kakkar couldn’t prevent herself from valuing Rekha’s great sari. Rekha reveals to her that she is glad to catch wind of the marriage of Neha and Rohanpreet, consequently she has brought a present for her as a Shaadi ka shagun. She gave her a generous Kanjivaram sari. On accepting the immaculate blessing from the amazing Rekha Ji, Neha Kakkar was confused. She felt exceptionally uncommon and was grateful to her for the delightful blessing.

Neha Kakkar said that the sari is a gift that she got from Rekha ma’am and it will consistently be exceptionally uncommon for her. She adds every one individuals there are in the stunningness of her essence and she is one of them who met her and got the blessing and feels extraordinary. The vocalist said that she has no words to portray her joy.

Rekha said that it is constantly said that at whatever point you meet a recently marry couple you should give them endowments. She said that a saree is the most lovely blessing one can provide for somebody so she chose to blessing Neha a saree.

She added flippantly that she had met Rohan previously, still, Neha didn’t welcome her to wedding. To this Neha answers that on the off chance that she had realized that Rekha Ji thinks about her, she would have certainly welcomed her to the wedding.

The forthcoming scene of the show Indian Symbol 12 will be perhaps the most famous ones with the presence of Rekha. There are various different activities in the show which crowd can observer on the show.