One Mic Stand Season 2

One Mic Stand Season 2

One Mic Stand Season 2 is about well known famous people from various circles taking a shot at stand-up satire and making the live crowds tell up with their wisecracks and hilarious timings. Popular professional comic and maker of One Mic Stand Season 2 gets five famous big names under one rooftop to perform satire interestingly. The funny debutants incorporate big boss of Dharma Productions and chief Karan Johar, Bollywood sex bomb Sunny Leone, Author and essayist Chetan Bhagat, Rapper Raftar, and Journalist and TV reporter Faye D’Souza.

Every one of the famous people is allocated with tutors to prepare them in conveying their secret hilarious self. Niti Palta tutors Sunny Leone, Sumukhi Suresh coaches Karan Johar, Abish Mathew guides Chetan Bhagat, Samay Raina tutors Raftar and Atul Khatri tutors Faye D’Souza.Item young lady Sunny Leone comes as a total shock on her first endeavor at parody and is very great. She has a great deal of punches to bring to the table which are entertaining and interesting. Bright’s topic depended on her over a significant time span film decisions. She doesn’t avoid ridiculing her own self which is admirable.

Top of the line writer and author Chetan Bhagat picked Hindi as his language of discussion and hit the right spot with his satire. The crowds were seen laughing all through his demonstration however a portion of his jokes were mysterious and less versatile to the customary group. Chief and maker Karan Johar is a serious interesting character and has those clever components in him which are seen continually in the TV shows he shows up on. This accomplishment was totally a cakewalk for him as he took an agree at his own filmmaking abilities and motion pictures. His non-verbal communication is truly agreeable and figures out how to make the group laugh at his punches.

Television anchor Faye D’Souza was likewise acceptable at her amusing timings and attacked her calling by saying that she never has endeavored parody yet is a TV commentator. Her jokes associated with the crowd and assembled a pleasant compatibility with them. As Faye is an intense TV anchor, acting before a live crowd was not another assignment for herself and she appeared to be very hopeful.

Bollywood rapper Raftar was not that interesting when it came to breaking a punch or two. However his non-verbal communication was really snappy, his jokes couldn’t give out the ideal impact they needed to. Actually like different VIPs, Raftar, as well, derided and poked fun at his rap profession which bombed. His gags were intricate and lamentably pompous which couldn’t wow the crowd.