Recently married, actor Sulagna Panigrahi to make a comeback to TV after 10 years

Entertainer Sulagna Panigrahi is inseparable from two explicit jobs in her vocation – one of them is playing a cojoined twin in Golden Dhara on Sony television and the different was playing a casualty in Murder 2 years prior.

And keeping in mind that Panigrahi has been dynamic overall in the amusement space, she is currently good to go to make a rebound to television in the wake of 10 difficult years. She will play the lead part in period show named Vidrohi. The show is set to broadcast on Star In addition to’s and presently producers are currently bolting the entertainers.

Panigrahi will make a rebound on TV screen after a long hole. The show is situated in the English Period and is about a hero and two princesses where Panigrahi will play one of the princesses.

As we probably are aware, Panigrahi as of late wedded comic Biswa Kalyan Rath, which came as an amazement to the whole gang however was showered with acceptable wishes from everybody via online media and somewhere else.