Shakti Arora feels content on TV needs to change, will return if he gets something as interesting as Silsila

Shakti Arora has been away from the TV evaluates throughout the previous two years. As of late, the entertainer got discussing how he spent his lockdown in a meeting with ETimes television, while likewise discussing TV content on the loose.

The entertainer said how he feels that television needs to attempt more current ideas and move away from the customary stories. While he referenced that he isn’t saying that the current shows are bad, he feels that similar buzzwords are being followed. He added how everybody keeps on offering similar heavenly shows or even the common romantic tales.

The entertainer added how in the previous year, not many creators have taken a stab at new ideas, notwithstanding, there aren’t sufficient intriguing and substantial jobs for entertainers who need to act. He added that he feels it is presently an ideal opportunity for producers to move to intriguing contents and exchanges.

While discussing life after marriage, the entertainer expressed how he feels the two of them are honored as they invested some quality energy at home and that is likewise when they understood how it is critical to update themselves. The entertainer joked how he decided to master new abilities by means of online courses and given that their professions are somewhat unsure, it is courses and studies that will consistently help since it is likewise essential to bring in cash and carry on with a decent life.

About projects ahead, the entertainer said that the most recent year has been troublesome and they need to stand by and simply center around things to improve. With respect to work, he additionally added that he would take up something on the off chance that it is pretty much as fascinating as his last show, Silsila.