Urfi Javed supposed to be in ‘Anupamaa’? The actor reveals why she lost it

Urfi Javed supposed to be in ‘Anupamaa’? The actor reveals why she lost it

Entertainer Urfi Javed most certainly stood out as truly newsworthy with her appearance in Bigg Boss OTT and surprisingly however her spell was fleeting, she got a ton of affection from all segments.

Furthermore, since the time she figured out how to remain in news particularly for her style decisions. Presently, the entertainer proceeded to make a stunning disclosure (quip not planned), relating her being a piece of TRP clincher, Anupamaa.

Believe it or not. Javed claims she is set to be a piece of the show however it didn’t occur because of her ex Paras Kalnawat, who plays Samar in a similar show.

Talking, she said, “We should cooperate in a show, I surmise Anupamaa as it were. He mentioned the inventive chief and everybody to not project me in the show. At whatever point even a slight possibility of me is being in the show, he would demand the group to not project me. Since clearly, his better half, present or ex doesn’t need us to work together.”Javed additionally uncovered the purpose for their separation. She said that he was excessively possessive and she needed to part inside one month of them dating.

She added, “He attempted to charm me again by having 3 tattoos of my name, yet who does that after one has headed out in different directions? Definitely, I wasn’t returning to him only for the tattoos. Regardless of whether he had tattoos of my name all around his body, I wouldn’t have.”